For Families : Hunger
What Can I Do about Hunger?

As a parent, we know you want your child to grow, thrive in school, and live a happy life. To make sure your growing child is not distracted in school, there are some ways to make sure they are full of energy before and during the school day. Find out from your child’s teacher if breakfast is served in the classroom or before school. You can also give them a healthy breakfast at home before they go to school if you prefer.

Asking for help is key if you need it. The guidance counselor or parent coordinator can connect you to services that help provide food for your family. You can also talk to your doctor about what your family eats. The doctor can check your child’s weight and growth, and tell you if your child needs to change what they eat. Explore our materials on how you help keep your child hunger-free so they are healthy and ready to learn below.

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