Virtual Learning Series
Supporting Staff and Families

As we all continue to take stock of surfacing needs of both families and school staff, it has become increasingly clear that supporting the mental wellbeing is critical in both COVID-19 response and recovery.

By the end of this week, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the mental health support staff, families and communities need
  2. Recognize the need for multi-level mental health support in schools and its role in community-centered healing
  3. Identify 1-2 strategies to support staff, families, and student wellbeing

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Support for Staff and Families

Considering a healing-centered approach is essential where trauma is compounded, particularly in communities of color. This series will look to create a space for attendees to learn more about strategies and best practices around wellness and healing, for both our communities and ourselves.

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 Web Recording: Wednesday Coffee Break - Mental Health Support for School Staffe

Focus on the caregiver is an essential component of a healing-centered model, especially as we consider the compounded impact vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue can have on our school staff. For this Coffee Break, we were joined by MedStar Georgetown Center for Wellbeing in School Environments (WISE) and a Healthy and Ready to Learn Site Manager to consider the importance of staff wellness in COVID-19 response and recovery plans.

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Web Recording: Community Conversation - Ask The Expert

This open forum discussion gives parents the opportunity to ask speak directly to the experts about their concerns. Pediatric physician Dr. Kamillah Wood and mental health clinician Yeira Tejada will joined us to answer your questions about supporting your family through this time.